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Beverly Szaton bgszap2 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 12 10:06:13 PST 2013

The boys don't seem to mind that much, amazingly. Conley will be the first
to come back in, and Conley gets the coldest so  I should really have his
thyroid checked. He gets cold even when it is not cold enough to get cold.
Doc's feet get cold. He prances into the house trying to keep his feet out
of the snow. I could put boots on him but he tries to help and it means
that it takes about 40 minutes to put four boots on him and he has the
first two off by the time I get the last two on.
For Llewis and Doc I have to set a timer or they would stay out too long.
It is 13 out right now with a chill index of 7 so they get 10 minutes

Snoopy for your information there are huge blood vessels that run through
your flappy ears. The amount of heat lost from those flappy ears has to be
a lot. Plus, they drag on the icey ice cold cold ground. The really
IMPORTANT appendage, Mother Nature has encased in a nice, furry little coat
of it's very own. Ears are not as well protected.

Ergo:my decision is to cover the less covered ears and top of the head,
similar to putting a hat on a strange child. This to me makes more sense
than letting them pee inside or wear undies.

Besides, my dogs object to having their appendages messed with.  However, I
do appreciate your concern.

MomPerson to Llewis the Warm, Conley the Cold, Nigel the Inside Dog and
Doc, clueless.
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